July 31, 2004


After havin a wonderful week...it was time to get a few kicks on my BUtt...well for starters a christian Institution like LOYOLA had a traditional day celebration(wat ever that is) on friday. The dress code for the day was simple...Shirt and Dhothi for guys or anything that is traditional.. I so knew it was goin to be a day where one feels (".") that small. coz it was only for our dept and the others were all givin us the LOOKS...The walk from the Entrance to my class, was officially the Most Embarrasing walk in my whole life...(ok, here I don;t mention the other times when I don;t remember how embarassed I was)heheheh... My long hair didn;t suit the purpose..I was actually called JESUS CHRIST in a DHOTHI,.hahahahah .That was probably the HEIGHTS> Also got a few compliments(FEW) yup am not lying.heheheh...very few..

Supposed to go home(coimbatore) last nite..booked the tickets and all that, but then decided against it due to circumstances @ the last moment...Suddenly not in a mood to go home, JRO concert happenin tonite, but this is the status,,...AM BROKE...and ...AM BROKE....And finally AM BROKE>..If u give me a minute I can come up with a fourth reason too..very valid reasons why I'm actually thinkin whether to go or not..
And I've been hit by a major jolt...DAMN>>>why did NAFISA JOSEPH do this to herself...??? Still can;t believe that she committed suicide..She was a BABE...a real babe..and @ 25 she has achieved sooo much that some ppl can only dream of. feelin a little down on the Spirit level. Hmmmmm...wonder wat could cheer me up? Ahhhh.....coffee with someone...It always works...Ok now I need to call BIK!!!where's my mobile?

An afterthought:
OK, now why do I get the impression that NAFISA would get all the attention with this post and not me? hehehehhe...Sometimes I wonder..THE PRICE THAT ONE HAS TO PAY FOR BEING FAMOUS>>>

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