July 28, 2004

Mid week mayhem!!!

 Ahhhhhhh......every single blog that I have been readin from last nite, all has somethin to write bout the match that happened y'day...WOW...Its soooooo true..."It ain't over till the FAT lady sings". Oh my god..wat a match and now its time for Inzy and his team to pack up and leave. I always knew it was goin to be an India V Srilanka affair rite from the start of this tournament.. But I never really thought we would have to sweat it out like this to reach the finals. But watever said and done, now that we are into the finals, AM pretty sure its goin to be a one sided affair in the finals, I feel we are goin to bat first again and we are goin to win the CUP> Any one who thinks otherwise? hmmmmmm
Today has been a rather quite one, spent most part of the day Readin CALVIN & HOBBES that I got from this chamathu last nite. It was so nice of her to get it for me from B'lore(its a superb collection of all time cool ones of calvin).Just came back after havin coffee and my friend and his band are goin to perform @ GEOFFREY'S tonite. So Plannin to just go there spend some time have some beer and end the day on a HIGH ..hehehehe

Edited @ 2 In the mornin:
Whoa...The evenin was FAB..."POWDER  IN THE ASHTRAY",( well thats the name of my friends' band),they rocked. It was soooo good to see them head bangin and enjoyin themselves on stage and well they sure got the place going. The MC was really lousy, sometimes I just wonder on wat basis do these ppl get selected? I mean, they can't talk sense for nuts, they don;t have life in wat they say, They have no clue bout REAL music, and well wat the heck..they don;t even look INTERESTING...hmmmmm.that was probably the only sad thing bout the evening. Came home at around 12. On a real high..lost count of the number of beers I had..heheheh.. well blow me down..CHEERS ALL...hahahha....THE BEST THING TO SAY NOW>.god I have class to attend morrow...

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