July 06, 2004

There has to be a connection!!!

YO fellow tribe members and friends of the brotherhood.Am back
Haven;t had the time or the energy to sit and blog the past few days...GOT MY FIRST TATTOO done...Got this cute little greek symbol for luck and Love on my left arm and am just super thrilled...ALWAYS WANTED TO GET A TATTOO done and well now am just over the moon...
No water for two days...Well livin in chennai is not bad after all...It helps in some way or the other...Its slowly gettin to look like a real tattoo.
I actually wanted to have a tattoo of Pam anderson nude.But if only u had that option then half the world (fans of Baywatch) would have her image tattooed on their body. Hmmm comin to think of it..Hey I MISS BAYWATCH>>.hehehhehe..
Need to wait and see wat happens next...

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