June 26, 2004

Perfect start to the weekend!!!!

Had a terrific time last nite.. Saw TROY. I must say, It was a very well made movie. *stands up and bows to WOLFGANG PETERSEN* I couldn't have asked for more. The whole week was packed with tons of work and I just wanted to take off.Didn't have class on friday and so the whole day was pretty much VETTI(jobless). Went out for lunch to this very nice PUNJABI DHABA. Been there once earlier and I must say the food there is YUMM> But today was not meant to be. Had some chicken(u guys know that I'm a strong IYER rite? heheheheh). we were 5 of us. Two couples and I. Vinay uncle ordered for some Sea food(he a mallu...So.....) and well I have never been a gr8 fan of sea food, but then I was really tempted to taste the Prawn that was on the table..Had a kutty piece and then I was ok with it. So got a second helping and was enjoyin my meal.
Al old hindi song of Raj kapoor was playin in the background and the place had amazing pictures of yester year actors(Wonderful pictures I must add). After some Phenomenal over eating, we decided to get back home. On the way back I was feeling slightly sick...And I couldn't care less what they were talkin to me in the car.. I just wanted to reach home at the earliest, And after an agonizing twenty mts,we reached home and I knew where to head straight away. * The rest Is history*
spent the entire afternoon, takin some rest..hehehhe..And I thought I had only VERBAL DIARRHEA..hahahah.... Hmm from now on I must stick to "SEE FOOD" and not SEA FOOD!!!
Rudra came home that evenin from Hyderabad...he is the next DUDE in town(my uncle's kid..he'll be 2 soon..)Guess he will find someone in life before I do.COMPETITION is tough in the Manian family...wink wink
and TROY happened to give the final touches to the day...If this is not a perfect start to the weekend, then wat is?????Peace

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ar.. ;-)
Cool one bey... tumhaare sense o' humor ka toh jawab nahi.. ;-)have a great great weekend...n keep writin..llllluuuuvvvvvv readin 'em..