July 14, 2004


 This Russian not only scorched the grass at Wimbledon, but also a whole lot more. (OK, I know u guys are gettin ideas here...) Am talking bout MARIA SHARAPOVA here. Six feet tall and blonde, wow..she was the soul of Wimbledon this year. Frankly, I wonder where all these Russian babes were till now. My eyes were sore watchin the annoyin faces(and other physical aspects) of people like serena williams, venus williams, and the like.,.But thanx to the Blonde bombshell called MAria Sharapova, I was seriously watchin this years Wimbledon.(all her matches for sure). And she also proved she was more than just POSTER material unlike ANNA KOURNIKOVA (this doesn't mean I don;t like her anymore...well just wanted the point to be noted) Hmm..so this chick can play..she can hit the BALLS hard, and wat more, she's a complete stunner. AM SMITTEN<>>>>>>>
With cricket coming back into my life now after a break of two months..I need to get over MARIA Sharapova now...sighhhhhh...:(

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