July 19, 2004


Hey wats rong with the Indian team? As a real cricket fanatic, I was soooooo disappointed to see the match between India and UAE today. I had finished all my work for the day so that I get the time to sit and see Team India kick some butt today. Well was I in for a shocker or wat? Third ball and Viru bhai is out for a duck..and then I Guess sach was more worried bout the 1000$ tag that was on his head when he came in to bat, and then he also followed to the comforts of the cool pavilion. saurav was SAD...well thats not the word, well I guess if there is a word that would mean PATHETIC in the worst possible manner,that would have defined how he played today.VVS played some amazing wristy shots before he just gave a dolly back to the bowler and walked back to the dressing room.
I was just beginning to switch the TV off and then began hastily making plans for the evenin. From the very first ball, JAmmy looked like a man with a mission. How many times has he been India's saviour and well he sure came to India's rescue once again. *stands up and bows before the gr8 WALL*. sometimes I wonder wat it would be like if Dravid was not in the Indian team. DAMN! the thought in itself scares me. We might be a super team, but without a person like jammy, we are in serious soup> Yuvraj made sure the running between the wickets was better than wat it was when saurav and VVs were batting. And then the spinners of the UAE team really got into the skin of Yuvi and he was just a silent spectator on the field. jammy kept goin, as always and he was POETRY to watch. He was in full flow, great form and it's a real pity that there weren't much ppl in the stands to watch the match. I guess there were close to a 100 ppl in the stands- 75 of them being members of the television crew and journalists. :D
And to make matters worse, the transmission sucked real bad. There was some problem or the other every other over. Wish I was in the crew.:D am sure I would have done a decent job!!

JAMMY SCORED A 100... chanceless innings and he just played one sloppy shot and that was the shot that lead to his downfall..but then Kaifu added the icing on the cake with some lusty blows to the fence in the end. Well team India scored 260- not a very extraordinary score considering the fact that we were playin minnows like the UAE> but an ok score nonetheless.

PAthan was deadly as expected and so was the Smilin ASSASSIN Balaji. Zaheer chipped in with two wickets and the ever so consistent (but old) kumble did the final touches for a comfortable Indian victory.

ANd then it happened...We played lanka on sunday and well It would officially have been the best weekend EVER, had india won. Coz till then MY DAY WAS SIMPLY ROCKIN...but frankly though India lost the match, I STILL BELIEVE THIS WAS THE BEST WEEKEND THAT I'VE HAD IN A REALLY LONG TIME...
Good news for fellow tribe men, Am out from the HIBERNATE mode and now am Rockin....*

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