July 24, 2004

Weekend with MTV

Loads of things happened this past week., Lots of thinking, Loads of Food, Tons of coffee and truck loads of laughter. whoa...This is wat I have been wantin to do for a very long time.
A couple of weeks back I saw the ad for the new MTV ROADIES 2 in the papers and Well I thought THIS IS IT.. I was just beginnin to go nowhere with my life. Was feelin stuck and completely out of energy till then. I saw the ad as my silver lining to just get my batteries recharged. SO I registered and patiently waited for the audition to happen in chennai. (patiently? not quite).
After gettin into the mindset of being a ROADIE..I always thought it was soo cool to just sit on a bike and go around INdia and see all that this beautiful country has to offer and then if it comes with the price of also being on television and a million ppl watchin it, I thought wat the HECK this is how I want my life to be.  But then I don;t know if it was the positive frame of mind that I was in or that My batteries were suddenly recharged, I began to see interestin things.,interestin ppl and well I was back on track. A lot has been happenin in the week that followed and I was a CLOWN IN THE MOON (Dylan thomas anyone?) Also am EXPLORING POSSIBILITIES...hehehehe....like how someone I know would put it..and it seems to be workin, Been explorin a lot...bout myself...bout ......*******
And THE DAY arrived and I went to the Audition spot, expecting the happenin crowd of chennai all under one roof and also wonderin which MTV VJ was goin to be there. Lots of ppl I did see, And well the VJ who came was SOPHIYA...have u guys noticed how she talks on MTV loveline?( well I firmly believe that the show exists now only coz of Cyrus Broacha...also GOD). Ranvijay, Kriti and from the first MTV ROADIES group were there to pep up the audience, Ranvijay being the chosen roadie to travel with this years, Rodies as well( talk bout luck and LIFE). Kriti was just glowin, a flowery Pink Skirt and a short white top, she was smilin away all day. Much to the amusement to a bunch of jokers who were present at the venue and giving cat calls all day. Bottomline, she was looking pretty.
The show started with The usual MTV tamasha, I really think it would have been a much bigger hit had Broacha been here. A lot of goodies were there for the taking. T-shirts, Roadie JAckets, Mountain dew gift hampers...MAN...these guys have sooo much to give...heheheheh
A few ppl made complete jack asses of themselves on stage. There was a group discussion that followed. I was there too...really enthu bout goin there and havin some fun and showin some attitude. heheheh
I went into the room and saw this Lean guy with shoulder length hair sittin and alongside him was a pretty girl chewin on a bubble gum from the sec we walked in to the second we left...(she never really spoke a word). But then after general introduction to the room, the question posted to us for discussion was..IS IT OK FOR TWO PPL WHO ARE NOT MARRIED TO LIVE TOGETHER? It was a gr8 topic to discuss and Well there were only three ppl in the room who did the talkin. One girl, this guy from delhi and URS TRULY....(me)heheheh...
It was fun and well they told us that the selected ppl from this group discussion would be informed later in the day and the shortlisted names would have a personal Interview...I was hopin that I would get a call...(I still am waiting....)*heheheheh
It was ok..came home and spent the remaing part of the day, with my comp..(haven';t been with her at all lately...she was pissed when I came close to her to give her a hug...) felt bad for her..and when I told her wat had happened...she was really hurt and then she LET ME GET ONLINE.
Anyone else goin for the audition? Chill and have a BLAST>>>>

P:S this year I guess MTV is lookin for losers...hehehehhe( then why would they reject me?)

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