August 06, 2004

Day of SUPRISES!!!

It's really strange when u think bout the happenings in life.. Here I was Totally broke, for the past three weeks( the packet of beedi's that I got for the four rupees that I had, also got over this mornin) and I was just thinkin wat I was goin to do this weekend..
Damn, Murphy's Law is just too creepy @ times.

"When You are Absolutely Broke, Thou Shall Have All The Concerts, Dance Shows and Special Events happenin in the Town, And You are Just a silent observer cursing your stars".....

OK,Moving away from Murphy's Law. Yea I was talkin about suprises..This is wat happened today.
I get this call from the Agency where I work, and they wanted me to come and see them rite away. So I quickly finished my lunch and ran to office..Well We had a client meeting and after the meetin got over, the guys at work tell me that there is lots of work happenin for the next few weeks and I better get ready for it..( I was happy that there is work, but then I wanted some money to just charge my batteries) I guess it showed on my face...SO these guys just called me in and gave me a cheque for 3000Rs, with these words...DUDE....IT'S ABOUT TIME WE PAID YOU...CHEERS>..and SORRY BOUT THE DELAY!!!! I luv these guys..hehehehhe

SO the whole evenin was just fab, I kept gazing at the cheque and was dancing away to glory.Came home and Was havin coffee, when my phone rings again...


Two Penny called...It was a major suprise..Poor guy, he;s really busy HOUSE HUNTING..just wish I can find a nice comfy place for him..spoke for nearly 6 mts and 46 seconds..

There's a dance show happenin morrow, so I guess I would go there...

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