September 02, 2004

Home Sweet Home!!!

Three flat tyres in one day and an air lock later, I’m finally home. Agency work, Radio, College and family commitments were all just getting to me and this break I thought was long overdue, and Am real glad that I took it. Ooty was freezing and to think that its only september now and winter actually hasn’t quite set in is simply amazing, being in chennai for the past two nears didn’t help either. Did the usual thing, went to a few places were almost all of India go to. And in the evenings in the comfort of the room that we were in( We= my classmates from college) it was time to keep warm, and well wat better way than just sit and smoke and drink. Sometimes life can be real easy and smooth, just sit and talk all nite, laugh your butt off and just sing. Hmm, my batteries really needed that. I made it a point not to check my mails and use my phone in the four days that I was there. Its amazing to know how much man has been taken over, literally by technology in everything he does. Well this time I got the better of technology.
My class is totally screwed up, have been having a tough time with a bunch of sleaze balls, its hard to just go to class and see their lousy faces first thing in the mornin, but I guess they would remain to be that way until they GROW UP. But other than that, this trip got me closer to a different set of people from my class, and it was a laugh riot every nite when all of us sat down over a bottle of RUM & DHUM. heheheh.
All my friends had to catch the train back to chennai from Coimbatore last nite and since the train was in the nite, I decided to invite all of them home for lunch. We were plannin to take that lousy van that we were using for four days there in ooty and well planned to start off from ooty at 10 but ended up leavin the place at 12 thanx to a flat tyre. Half an hour into the journey the van had an Air Lock, these guys are crazy, the van was a real piece of crap and there was nothing appealing bout it. Got the air lock sorted out and we were driving down the bends and then there it was the second flat of the day. NO STEPNEY!! And we were stuck for nearly three hours on the road and like they say, when it starts raining it pours, the Governor was taking a vacation to ooty and since he was coming they had blocked all the vehicles from going up and down the hill for him to have a clear road. DAMN! I hate these politicians and people at power. Got the van moving again and well You woudn’t believe it, five minutes later there it was the THIRD FLAT of the day. I was annoyed, it was 4:30 in the evening and we had travelled just 25 kms from ooty. By the time we got it fixed and came to coimbatore it was 7:30 and so we didn’t have any time to go to my house. Went to the Railway station and dropped all of them there and returned home.What a day…but then after all that, it was just awesome to have some FILTER COFFEE that amma made for me and I slept like a log. Ahhhhh! Absolute Bliss.

YOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I HAVE A GMAIL account now. Anyone need an invite?

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