August 27, 2004

Goin to cool my heels off!!!!

PPl...ppl ...ppl...too many things been happenin in my life. Came back from coimbatore, had so much work to catch up with and well college sucks as usual.Well not college..but maybe the ppl there..
SO decided to just take a break for a week from everything and go cool my heels off for a while..So will be back and then will be postin for all the days that I have missed bloggin...
Some nice ppl have asked me if I was ok, since they never saw a new post from me..and some also have called me names in my yahoo messenger...For the nice ppl and the other sleaze balls...
Been readin all ur posts though and I will back with a BANG!!
Peace and have a wonderful weekend and the next week...
MISS ME? ( am I askin for too much?)

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