October 27, 2004

Kind attention Plissss

Wazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Bliss. Absolut bliss. Thro with exams, projects, submissions,Deadlines. Looking fwd for a nice holiday. Am off till the 17th of november. Have loads of things planned. Goin home in a few days. Yayyy...And then going to B'lore. It's been one year since I went to b'lore. I used to be there every time I had a break and everytime I had work.
Lemme get to the point...

"Bloggers your kind attention please, I shall be in b'lore sometime on the 10th of nov and shall be there for a week."
*get the hint, get the hint* Buhahahah

Edited @ 2: Beer tastes wayyyyy better when your happy than when you are bugged or annoyed or plain upset!!!
Gospel 3:16

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