October 13, 2004

My blog needs an Update too...


* I got a call from a very good friend of mine, its been ages since I heard from her.
* The short film I made, was well appreciated and I got an offer to work with a production company.
* It rained like hell in chennai and there is a match morrow....
* The gorgeous woman with awesome hair from my college smiled @ me and said HI, and asked me why I don't talk to her.
* One of my classmates came upto me and said she hates me and she hates my GUTS. And I was happy coz FOR ONCE she was honest. (Did I metion earlier that I have a lot of suckers in this present class of mine?)I dedicate this song to all those SPECIAL ppl in my class.
* I got ANOTHER message from a bloghead askin me to update my blog.
* I spoke to my Nephew in Ireland, And I must say..He's THE DUDE.
* I had the BEST ever conversation with someone on YAhoo Messenger..
* I realised that My phone has more balance (20 Paise) than my wallet..(do I have to mention the amount here?)
* I walked again from college to home, coz I couldn't afford the Auto.
* I feel like goin to hyderabad. well on second thoughts...I don't FEEL like it...I WANT TO!
* One of my Fav Profs walked up to me and wished me well and asked me to KICK SOME BUTT In the Industry. And he said, meeting me and havin me as a student for a short while is another special gift he's taking with him from India when he gets back to BOSTON
* I have absolutely nothing to do.
* I FINALLY UPDATED MY BLOG with a new post..

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