October 05, 2004


Been busy with college, projects and Rock shows..and didn't get enough time to sit down and write somethin. Have a week before I give up six other projects. Have tests this whole week, so have time to post.heheh. That my friend is the way of life!!!
Exactly a year back at this date..I broke up with my Ex. Life was great when I was with her and I was happiest durin that time and I was badly hurt during the same time. We laughed, held hands like school kids at every given chance, looked into each others eyes and said sweet nothings. I sometimes miss those days. She was family (or well thats what I considered her to be) but she chose otherwise. With no reason at all, we were not a couple anymore..Strange that I say COUPLE..

I moved to chennai after that and college was a HOLE..I hated it here, the crowd was gettin to me.The weather was gettin to me, well that was the reason that I gave ppl when they thought they didn;t see the ENERGY in me anymore or the phase where I forgot to smile. Things became quiet, things became dull and life was goin nowhere. Tried to have a smile going and tried to get on with Life..BUT IT's EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!!!

My social circle in chennai was nothin close to a circle..It was more like a social DOT. that didn't help life either. Then It was during one of my loooong walks that I take from time to time, that really charged me up. Wat was I doin to myself? Why am I being a dumb fuck when I can just MAKE things happen for me. Thats when One wise soul came to college and conducted a seminar on technology and its influence on life. ANd one of his points dealt with BLOGS and the power of blogging. I was really captivated and the first thing I did when I came home was to google and find all about the world of blogs.

Thus LEAN DUDE was born. The wild crazy dude with tons of attitude ( ok all these are super Adjectives, but hey..come on am in full josh now) was into the Bloggin arena. It was crazy. started sittin all nite and tryin to understand the complex world of HTML.. *tadan....MUSIC...background music for the situation* Oh god. This is harder than I thought. But then Its always been my policy, I involve myself completely when I get down to doin anything. SO wat the heck, I went ahead with it. At that time I used to read this completely Neurotic blog. Liked the way he wrote and his way towards life. Was a regular reader (think am the only other soul in this world other than him who reads the crap that he posts). And then it happened.caught him online once and the rest as they say was history. And well he has helped a great deal to make my blog look like this..Atleast he spent time answerin all the dumb questions that I kept askin him. THANGYU DUDE!!!!

And after that life was on a roll. COllege was HAPPENING>.or rather, I found some LIKE MINDED ppl in college and started making things happen. Got myself a job in an Ad Agency and well they also paid me. Did few shows in AIR from time to time and also was part of a team and was shooting a Music Video. And then my bestest friend got married. So it was back to loads of fun.

ANd thro the Neurotic dude and my Scary addiction to blogs, I began to meet a lot of Interestin, weird and sweet people.(and btw college was goin on side by side..but then am not really goin to talk bout that)

NOW COMES THE BIG THING..I dedicate this blog to all the new friends that I have made thanx to BLOGGING, during the past one year.

Xcentric -Thanx for the Intro first and foremost.heheh. A real wacky dude, havin a Jolly good time in Leeds.(He claims that he's busy with lectures and a whole bunch of crap, DO NOT BELIEVE HIM) His blog is a super combo of crap and humor. And to top it off, has an awesome Design. (ok, have created another fight between Him and Neuro). A treat to talk to on YM. And well one can expect a lot more from this crazy guy in life.

Neuro -Hey I have given u a lot of credit already..so just scroll back and read it..If u can't understand,buzz me and I shall explain gladly. Charas!!

Australalala -THE GOD WHEN IT COMES TO SARCASM, the GOD when it comes to HUMOR, The GOD when it comes to BIRD BANDING.hehe. And there is never a dull moment when we have a conf chat im YM..I get real quiet when he's online. But thanx to him I don't need an appendix operation..

NEMESIS- MY BESTEST friend..Have had a number of black eyes, thanx to her. Constantly get into fights with her OTHER SECRET ADMIRERS in the blog world. A special friend and a SMART GREEK TWIT. She has an answer for everything. And a smile always...( I know why...)

ANGEL- heheheheheh...The blog world seems to be talkin bout us..and NO THANX WE DON'T NEED A ROOM.hahahah..She's a real sweetheart and a good friend. READ>>>>GOOD FRIEND:) hehehe. She sure takes time to glide from blog to blog giving her trademark to the needy. Way to go. Full of enthu and energy. but she lives FAR FAR AWAY!!!!

MEERA -Guess she's the one person who's not a school kid who reads my blog. Coz all the other average bloggers who read my posts kinda have an IQ level of -20 ( or else they must be REALLY JOBLESS). A gifted writer and an extremely interesting person and her passion for things, sure is extreme. A soft spoken person, with TONS Of fans I must say. And MAN..I knew the concept of stalkers in blog world only after visiting her blog. Thanx for everything!!

Lakshmi...AH! A great dancer, A fellow coffee addict and a very sweet person. And well thanx to her I know my way around B'lore when I get there. A super music freak and MAN..trust me she has gr8 taste in music. A simple, sweet and totally chilled out girl from "GOD'S OWN COUNTRY". heheh

Blue Sparkles -The mystery woman who I talk to at times, who reads the crap that I post and who wants more crap in my world. And probably the only poor soul who just can't post comments for my posts.Always a mystery when she is around.Interestin.

All these ppl have become a part of my life. I get up, fix my coffee and I have got this habit of opening my blog before Opening my Mail box. They have shared their time, their humor and their happiness and sorrow with me. And there are a whole lot of others whose blogs I Hop and leave a line. They are ALL SPECIAL. The LINKS here mean THEY ARE WORTH IT. THEY ROCK.
CHEERS!! to everyone who come to my world and leave a mark.. Actually talk bout leavin a mark, U have all left a tatoo.And hey to all the people who boost my EGO from time to time..I OWE U ONE. buhahahahah

OK, Now. WHen I sit down and see all thats happened in the past one year..I see I have come a FULL CIRCLE, and today is quite special. It was a good day. Life ROCKS NOW..and well never thought 'Cenatoph Road' in chennai would become an important chapter in my life.* wink wink*

WHO WANTED A NEW POST>>>heheheh...WHen I write...I WRITE>>>

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