December 26, 2004

Chennai ROCKS!!!

Scene 1:
ECU of my uncle lookin flushed, tryin desperately to wake me up..
camera zooms down to Me. Dazed after a loooong nite, slept only at about 4 in the mornin and It is NOT fun to wake up at 6 especially on a sunday.

Scene 2:
There is an earthquake, so step out of the house(VO of my unc)
Earthquake yea rite. (Vo Of moi- so young and so angry)
*rubbin my eys I walk gently up to the living room. Wonder of all wonders......

Scene 3:
Camera pans the whole room. The cd case on the corner of the room is swayin like a pendulum. The Tv is shaking. The key chain is swinging wildly. The floor is shakin under the cam. It really is an earthquake. And NO AM NOT DRUNK!!!!

Scene 4:
Step out of the house(Living on the 7th floor is not much fun at this point of time) Steady cam follows everyone gettin out of the house. Men, women and kids - Bleary eyed on a sunday-various stages of NIGHT CLOTHING. Most of them still wondering if the vodka and beer they had the previous nite had to do something-and if yes..They sure aren't the only one feelin a little .errr...SHAKY!!

Scene 5:
The apartment folks are all down. And No there is no Tea-coffee- samosas happenin. Camera zooms to every single individual. They all share their experience or their VERSION of the earthquake.

Scene 6:
ECU of the Lean dude..ALrite...CHENNAI ROCKS>>>

Edited@12 noon
HOLY MOTHER!! The intensity of the quake has hit me now..The coast line is almost in shatters..The huts near the beach have all been gutted and ppl are on the roads. I went out with a few friends to see wat has happened. Ambulances, cops..Tensed ppl and yea also a few dead bodies too..And well Now I really don't know wat's happened. Nature's fury is somethin that is soooooo powerful. All of us are mere mute spectators. There is water on the road, near the beach. There is chaos happenin on the roads. For the next two days, chennai has a LOT of cleanin up to do..
Edited@9 in the evening
Been watchin all the news channels possible, talkin to most of my friends who are spread out in chennai. Things are looking really really sad. The whole city is feelin dazed from the day's happenings.Went to the beach road tryin to be a part of the relief measures. Was initially kicked out by the cops, rushed home took my coll id and also my office Id and tried to get to the point to see if I could be a part of some help, This time they were polite but still asked me to leave the place. The whole beach area-all roads and paths have been cordoned off. And I hear this would be the case for the next two days. Casualities are increasin and it's already come down to 300 in chennai alone..and more than 3000 in Tamil Nadu. Have been attending phone calls and replyin to mails all day. Feels nice to see soo many ppl around u who care. For all the ppl who have been callin and messagin and commentin on this post..Thanx...You rock my world and not this Earthquake....

RELIEF OPERATIONS...Feel free to help in any way possible.....
Am pretty sure all of you must be readin the papers and other news reports and should be havin a pretty decent idea as to wat needs to be done and wat to do...But well am also givin u some more info on wat one needs to do if they have the heart to help. Any which way possible..There are a LOT of ppl who have the heart to help and the urge to as well. And well With the help of a really amazing person am sendin u a link where you could go and find out more on wat needs to be done.
check that website and get all the info possible..they also have a toll free number

And here's another place where one could go and check out too.
For anyone, who is wondering about what they can do to help.Please Goto

*And though there are a lot of other sources who are comin fwd to help too, the authenticity is not really clear. So I would also advice u to take a note before offerin to help. *

A silent prayer for all the casualities and the ppl who have gone missin.

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Pallavi said...

I have been putting up a post on the relief too.. I hope things get better soon