December 23, 2004

Ethics...Morals..and Great souls..The debate continues...

Before you actually sit down to read this post, am pretty sure all of u must have read the title.."Don't hit me"..this is not to start another debate.not to get ppl charged up..but just a small note to make ppl understand a few basic concepts in life...namely..Ethics, Morals and values. The past few weeks have seen mind boggling and mind bloggling facts being revealed and STRIPPED>.too many things have been happenin and we are all just mere spectators. And in the past few weeks, MEDIA has had a field day everyday and they sure seem to be in PEAK FORM. Being a media guy myself, sometimes it disgusts me to see all that is happenin in the world in the context of media and in the pretext of providing news.

Papers are full of this crap, Television channels are soo full of this sh*T...Internet is just the medium that the whole thing thrives on.Blogworld is not spared either. But after goin thro all this, I have a staunch feelin that if a few interesting ppl who I know and who I have known over a period time in the blog world enter media, then I guess there could be a revolution that could be initiated that no one could even think of.
And to all those ppl who have taken a moral stand on all the issues happenin recently, and who have made it clear in their respective blogs..well this post is a small dedication and I just have to say that It's good to be a regular reader of ur blogs and well we need more ppl like u. *stands up and raises a toast*
Here are some very interestin and wonderfully written posts bout all the latest happenings that have rocked the world and shocked the nation...

"The argument begins and continues"- by Ramya..great job!!
"My brain has been busy" by Xcentric..worth a debate..kudos dude.

And to the many many others, who have written about it, and who I haven;t read or mentioned here.If there is a post that you would like others to read plss leave the link on the comments section.
To send a msg across to make a difference and not just merely to get their comments section rolling...This post is for u.Cheers and it is with ppl like u, that I could still have my chin up and say...
"Ethics...Morals..and Great souls...Oh yea..they still exist.."

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