January 22, 2005

It's Been a while..

Am Lovin it..param pam pam pam....tada...(ok those are the sound effects)..life has been pretty awesome lately. Work has been hectic, but loong weekends are a real bonus. Went movie hoppin last nite, after a REALLY LONG TIME. Wat started off as a lazy friday, really went wild in the evening. Got a call from a few friends and decided to go watch PAGE 3, The movie was ok, not just another bollywood flick-but it did have loads of skin like most of the bollywood movies. The core concept of the movie was good and Konkana Sen has done a super job in the movie and I liked her in this movie more than Mr & Mrs. IYER..
The movie was good, the company I had was better. half way thro the movie, my friend was busy fiddling with her phone, then she had the BIGGEST smile possible when she told me her other friends were there and they have got tickets for another movie, the next show. I remember the times when I was in school, a few friends and I had this bet as to who would sit for the same show more than once...And the bet was on for 300 Rs.. and I remember sitting for DTPH - 8 and a half times...I stayed till the interval for that show when all my other friends dropped out of the bed.(and to make things really gr8 none of my friends knew hindi) hehehe.Oh yea! I had crazy friends in school. And that trend still continues. Stepped out of one movie and then went into watch KISNA. I have been watchin the trailors on tv and found it to be a little Errrr...Interesting. But then Now I change my mind.. Low budget when it comes to costume design, Funky colors...actually make that Crappy colors for the sets and the costume. And terrible acting from vivek Oberoi and a few others.
But there was One BRIGHT(FLAT) SPOT...ISHA SHARVANI.. Oh hubba hubba hubba...She was Good...She comes all of ten mts in the movie, so not too sure bout her acting provess, but she is a brilliant dancer and has the looks to set the screen on fire. My jaw dropped when I saw her hangin on a rope from a tree. Thought she came into movies a year and a half too late. She must have been a super hit had she acted in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. She would have done all the flying from trees stunts on her own, and is she ELASTIC or wat. Wat flexibility.She would have probably won on an oscar for all I care. Heard that she dropped out of school in her 7th grade or somethin to pursue dance. Her mom is also a dancer and she has devoted her whole life to dance. And she sure is good in dance.
Came home after the movie at bout 2 and sat in the balcony listenin to some awesome music. That got me thinkin. wats happenin to me in life? Wat have I been doin? And where am I headed from here on? There are soooooo many things that I would love to do, there are soooo many things that I need to prove for myself and for a million others. For now, just have this to ppl...

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