January 16, 2005


There is somethin bout havin a long weekend..workin really hard for one whole week..sleepin for ten hours in one week, meetin special friends, drinkin and blowin money...I love all of it except the blowin money part..(am not makin enough to go around and BLOW it atleast now)
This is the third year in a row that am not gettin to celebrate any festival. There has been someone in the family who has been kicking the bucket and well though it's not the missin the festival part that is disturbin...but it is missing that person that is really disturbin at times..Today am missin my grandpa..He was amazing, he was the first person in the whole family who started off givin me pocket money-it started with 25 paise a few years back and ended up with 100rs a month till he passed away a year and a half back. I have had many an interestin talk with him. He was smart, stylish, sophisticated, and intelligent and also very very easy to imitate..I do a carbon copy impersonation of him. Worked really hard and enjoyed life equally. With seven children, He has left behind a wonderful family for me and for the further generations to come..
This post is for the MAN...The driving force of the whole MANIAN family ...
N.V.R.S. MANIAN...Thatha...I miss u.

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