March 09, 2005


The melodious strains and the ferociously gorgeous voices
Peerless in the realm of music
Seeped into consciousness
And swept the soul to ecstasy on a tide of voices,
Stirring the subtle, subversive and surprisingly vulnerable senses
By melting the lingering resistance of consciousness.
While the soft melodies with their exotic vibes,
By wheedling emotions and demanding passion
Brought the heart to experience a visceral blast of romance and melody
And the blissful warmth, a surging current of love
Mirroring the innocently youthful spirit
Never failing to trigger the fabulous fusion of the soul and the heart
Unravels the power of mystery,
The mystery of music,
Giving yet another chance to experience the intoxicating magic.

Boom Shankar!!
That's how I spent my Shivrathri. Sittin in the balcony of my 7th floor apt, with Bob Marley, Roger Waters, and Eminem baba for company. BOOM SHANKAR!!

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