March 05, 2005

And the award goes to.....

No its not the oscar fever and well am not talkin bout wat I saw on star movies too. There was the Ad club awards show last nite in the city and ad agencies, friends, beer mates, ex crushes, present crushes and well a whole lot of other people were all there. It was crazy. Was lookin fwd to this for a while now. Five of my promos were nominated in the category of Tv promo spots and well- I got the BRONZE for one of the promos. Happy faces, charged up emotions, a few dope heads too. It was all there. My friend was also performin in the show and she danced really well. Over all a nice evening.
Durin the awards got a call from a good friend- he got a job in pondi and so he wanted all our gang to come to Bikes &Barrel for a beer. And the evenin was just beginnin to take shape. During the couple of hours I was there, a lot of things popped up in my head. Not coz of the beer or the endless smoke there, but more like a serious revelation. I love my life. I love my friends and Well I SHALL WIN AN OSCAR SOON. hehehehe

Edited after more beer and well a routine mail check before goin to bed:

Guys.....arjun class mates were prasoon, ajith narayanan, bobby, deepak, anitha etc......cant remember all the names,... i miss u guys a lot... i did my 9th standard in kv in the yr... 1997 and hope u guys remember we did a bhangra dance in state level.. prasoon, i and other guys in the group..shit... pls someone in this batch please replynow am done with my engg in ece and i got selected in the popstar selection by ss music channel called voicehunt. my video with the band will be out in this month in ssmusic channel, channel v and mtv.. the album is gonna release by 19th.our hoardings are put up in chennai and check out for the music... its rockindoin a movie also actin as hero in 4students 2part in malayalam...guys someone pls recognize and reply from this batchi miss u all a lot :-(check out the photo section to see melovmusicarjun

Have no clue who this person is. But if u guys know him. PLease reply. He sure misses u a lot.

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