September 10, 2005

Blaags for weird ppl

What is it tht attracts ppl to bloggin?

Are all bloggers genuine writers, in their own league? DO they blog coz they love writing. They are just bored. They are software engineers, who are paid out of their brains to sit in front of the comp all day? Or pathetic lovers who take their revenge? Or just plain odd people tryin to sound philosophical or in simple terms, too stoned beyond.

What is the scene when it comes to blogs?

I was just the usual guy-next-door, hair messed up, too lazy to keep the huge lump in place, too broke and without a job to buy a clean new pair of jeans and a T-shirt. A boring day in college turned out to be my guru to this completely new world of Blog. I registered the same evening. A huge mug of coffee sure was the reason.

Here I am, I have a new blog now, wat do I do? The typical computer illiterate that I am, I can't differentiate between a flowchart and a venn diagram, a program and a problem, html to mtnl. It was strange. It was scary even. Why did I sit and fiddle with the crazy comp and the options that blogger gave me the whole night. This brings me back to the first para of this post.

Confused, frustrated and out of coffee, I decided I shall screw the demon (read html code) in the blog that was seriously tryin to screw me and doing a pretty good job at that. Endless attempts, failed attempts- endless mugs of coffee and a lot of ciggies later, i crack the code, and my keyboard. That's when I realised i sure have a strong head for things.

OK, i have my blog fixed. Used the template that blogger gave me, a 'Kaching' orange, a shitty yellow, a gooyie green and a boogie blue. (ah they all rhymed). Orange it shall be for starters. Next koshtin to self, now what? More coffee's later, I read some random blog from the net. Momma-BUn-BUM (no kiddin). read her blog, she was errr graphic bout her life and sexcapades, her kids and her nanny (don't ask me why) and she had so many ppl in her blogroll (the term that am familiar with only NOW). Who are all these ppl? And why do they blog? This brings me back to the first para of this post AGAIN.

Gosh! It's 4:30 in the morning. What am I doing up so late and typing crap on the comp? Am I one in the list? This brings me back to the first para of this post AGAIN....

Yea, am bored and I can't sleep. You have a problem?

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