September 14, 2005

A Hole

OK, my last post was bout the reasons that attract ppl to blogging, and in the last one week, I have been subject to a lot of shockin, life altering and well just plain interestin news from the blog world.

What normally starts as a hobby, or a plain love and interest to write, share and communicate begins to slowly take its toll on bloggers. The most important thing being, u know that WHAT EVER U WRITE- others can sit in front of their comp and read it (ok smart ass, Don't even think bout askin me bout protected posts..shall take that very thing ur holdin in ur hand and shove it up urs.... *mumbles gibberish) . Nothing is personal. Well that's our choice, we get to choose wat others read. We get to post it, blog bout it or keep it to ourselves. There are ppl who start bloggin and are addicted to the comments bug more than their posts..They start writing for comments. Then what they write makes no meaning to what they wanna write. What they write is not really THEIRS. there is no human touch to it.

I have been in this world for quite some time to know certain aspects of blogging. Certain effects that blogging causes to ppl. The concept of personal space is intruded. The concept of time is royally fucked. It gets cramped in here, it gets claustrophobic, it gets too much of a load to keep givin things to ppl, coz they are hooked onto ur life. What is the end result. A temporary shut down, a period of hibernation, a break, a journey some place, or a permanent shutting down of the blog.

But it's not possible. They are already hooked to the crazy claws of this cyber blog world, that they return to write more tryin to forget bout the past as a mistake, learning from them, writing for themselves this time around, or just come back into the blog world with a new URL (makes life simple..or so they think)

It hurts me to see Strong ppl, intelligent ppl, dumb pricks, losers all falling into the pressures of the blog world.

P:S Come back ,I miss u already!!!

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