February 28, 2005

An ode- a Code

Floors above floors
Dark lights succumb you
One bright light from the edge.

Are you the edge or is it just ME?
Pale looks on face
Straight as an arrow

What words I try and remember
All too bright, glaring so to speak
In your face, is that how you like it?

Things moving, no no revolving
Pieces of dirt strewn on the mat
Life, oh yea thats wat they are

Why are you looking at me like that?
Sharin wasnt this fun ever
Oh, Now I know. This is it!!

Why am I not heard? Why do I see it, why do I touch it?
Why is it there and not here? That is bright - way too bright for me.

Oh yea I see stars again - The one I have heard - NOW - I have seen.

A tribute to Sandy and Rolfy

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