February 24, 2005

Param param paraaaaaaa....

Work, editing, work, studio, recording, photo sessions, screen test, friends, coffee shops, sleepin at odd hours, not sleepin for four days in a row, forgettin my blog password, no bloghopping for a week, from being online for ten hours a day to not coming online at all in a week, missed chattin with online dudes and dudettes, running around in the city searching for a printer at 2 in the mornin, confused with work, confused with projects, confused with what am goin to do two months from now, completing my final projects, working on three other final project submissions, high on life, high on coffee, high on spirits, got my BIG BREAK, offer to act in a movie, absofreakin lutely excited and over the moon,BROKE (now that's not new)!!!

And yea finally am back from my little hibernation mode. Was in one compeletely different world, a world where your future flashes before you and it feels strange, It feels weird, it feels amazing and it leaves with butterflies in your tummy. I have been an internet junkie and a blog addict for a very long time. Things just started happenin way too fast for my own liking and I came to a position where my frequency of blogging and the necessity of blog hoppin came from other sources and not from my heart. SO thats when I decided to take off for a little while to try and see if I could get the transition I want from my life and my blog.

I started bloggin, since I loved to write, It was an avenue where I could just walk in and out when ever I want to and write and NOT write what and when ever I wanted to. I have to say, the world of blogging has revealed a whole new world to me. Everytime it unfolds, am subject to wonderful ideas, thoughts, and people. For many blogging is more like maintaining a journal, more like a day to day presentation of the happenings, and for many it is their thoughts, and a major part of life. I would say blogging for me is like COFFEE, its like DOPE, it gets you going, it gets you thinkin and it keeps you charged up. And I would continue to get HIGH. But I would do it at my own pace. I would do it the way I WANT TO...and I would just take it one thing at a time.

A year full of wonderful memories. A year of meeting thro this world a whole lot of amazing people. Special people. Weird people. Happy people. A year of positive energy, A year of happiness. A year of gettin mind fucked at times. A year of just being myself - as always. A special thanx to all my friends who drop into this world and who have kept this world alive and who have made my day on MORE THAN ONE OCCASION...LOVEEEEEEEE U ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL......
HAPPY B'DAY TO Moi BLOG.....HAPPY B'DAY TO Moi BLOG.....Happy B'day Happy B'day Happy B'day to Moi BLOG!!!!

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