February 15, 2005

The Swarowski dumplings

Sitting too comfortably, positioned like a baby in a mothers womb, on my 'Lazing’ couch, the spoon from the cup in my hand pricked my eye and dragged me rudely out of my dreamland. Peacefully noticing the view from my window gave my at most solace. Nope… I couldnt see the beach, or the mountains, not a lush park, not even a bunch of hot girls drying themselves after a shower!! Though, I was one of those lucky ones in the city who didn’t have their neighbours drying clothes peep into their room. In fact I had - MY guava tree.
Right now I was straining my eyes and contemplating the colour of the gum that I spat out last night and left on the tip of my favourite branch (Guess am not that great a spitter- dont look for that word in the dictionary!). I know the path to remove it from that tiny arm of my tree was not exactly treacherous, but, I think I;ll leave it there and see how chewinggum reacts to natures' 'calamities'.
MY guava tree was nice, with light green leaves flaunting their beauty to the dark green ones. The guavas werent there always, only from January to December. But thats o.k- the wait wasnt too long till the next bunch of guavas would sprout out for the squirrels and for ME. I had named the squirrels Tom, Dick, Tom's Dick, and Dick's Dick. Why (?)...now thats a completely different story.
Something was odd about these fruits, it wasnt something unfathomable, but to me it was unique. Maybe a Gardner with his knowledge would scoff at my fascination…but the fact remains...the guavas were not the usual cream coloured but rather PINK from the inside! (Pinker than a babys butt) And the seeds looked like Swarowski crystals adorning a beautiful rose coloured blanket.
One thing which seemed even more intriguing about these parcels of blessings was what I read in a magazine the other day. It said that one should never share a guava because only one seed in the complete fruit contains all the 'Essence' ! The one and only magic seed?!! Even the squirrels knew that, they would not leave a single fruit untouched, but they would never finish even one completely. Like they had this 'Radar' fixed to their obnoxious buck teeth which could tell them how to locate the secret seed! The seed that contains ALL the blessings.
Amazing how 'Lazy me' picked up a pen and jotted down stuff about fruits, branches and leaves… thought this little world would remain only within me… but then who can refuse the pestering requests of all u blogheads out there WHO WANT AN UPDATE all the time!!! hehe

*Drum Roll* ppl, thanx a lot for all those amazing comments for my previous post..I was really havin a tough time copin with a lot of stress from different corners...but then it is over now(I think) and long forgotten. I have just moved on and now have traced back to the route that I so love takin and walkin alone...but this time I would be smilin as always...and smilin coz I know my life is back on track and wonderful ppl like u are all watchin my butt....errr I mean my back..Cheers all and well I also had THE BEST valentines day ever....worked for 18 hours in office...NOW BEAT THAT!!!!!

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